• The Best Back-to-School Hair Inspirations

    The Best Back-to-School Hair Inspirations
    Are you getting excited for back to school? We’re not talking about classes and study seshes, we’re talking cute hairstyles for back to school that get the attention of your new classmates. You get to see your besties every day, fill your social calendar with football games and dances, and it's the perfect excuse to pick up a few new outfits. Now's also a...
  • 2021's Hottest Hair Trends

    2021's Hottest Hair Trends
    While we may not be able to predict when salons will reopen, one thing’s for sure, a new season, a whole new world of trending hairstyle ideas. There are plenty of easy ways to reinvent yourself every new season, but nothing beats buying a new wig if you’re in the mood for an instant transformation. Just like hair-color trends, some of the following hairstyles...
  • How to Make a Wig Look Natural

    How to Make a Wig Look Natural
    Avoid too-shiny wigs Has your wig got that just-bought plastic shine? It's important to avoid very shinily, fine hair textures, Those tend to look like you put doll hairs on your head.Calm down the shine by misting it with a gentle spray of dry shampoo, or use a loose powder if you prefer.   Detangle your wig To begin, grab a wide-tooth comb and...
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