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Noble Hair
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Same As Human Hiar But Affordable,X Real Hair redefine “Hair”
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Same As Human Hiar But Affordable,X Real Hair redefine “Hair”

 Noble Hair Public New epoch-making Product In the Spring 2021.

Can you believe that pay $20 for 30 inches One bundle human hair?

You can buy one bundle synthetic hair 30 inches with $20, but you must worried about the synthetic can be shedding ,tangle,short life.can not be dyed ,can not be be styled and so on...

However when you decide to buy human hair, whatever the virgin hair or remy hair,It always cost $100 For One Bundle Human Hair.Which obsess people who do not have enough money.

Noble Hair Deeply aware of the needs of global customers,  We invent an epoch-making new product Which Called “X Real Hair”.

X Real Hair is a High-Tech Product Developed By Noble Hair After Ten years of hard research and development. it is hair refined from protein. protein is the most basic substance of human  body. it comes from the basic elements of the body. it is a pure natural product without harm or pollution.

we also. made one video show what different betwween X-real hair And Human Hair.

Click Here To Buy X-Real Hair

we also made a image show the differences between human hair and human hair.

X-real hair and human hair

【X Real HairIt's a new material that possesses the characteristic of both virgin hair and synthetic fiber, no shedding, no tangles. Besides its price is much lower than the human hair.
New Hair FiberX Real hair is a perfect alternative to Human hair. As the raw material closest to human hair, it has the look and the feel of human hair.
【Hair Advantage】Hair advantage: Can be bleached to #30 Auburn brown color. Can be dyed, curled, and straightened as human hair. Can be use heat under 180°C.
Hair BundlesMachine double wefts, which improves the quality and longevity of the hair and keeps the hair away from shedding, and thinner weft make it more comfortable to wear.
【Hair length and weight】It's 95g/bundle, 16"-40".We recommend 3-4 bundles for a full head style.



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