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How To: DIY A Braided Wig for Beginners.No closure braided wig
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How To: DIY A Braided Wig for Beginners.No closure braided wig

how you can make your own braided wig,

First you're going to need is a dome cap thread and I'm going to use these a type of thread and strong and thick and I'm not using this other one so if

you have any other tray that is strong you can as well use it .





and then scissors

 needles and braids ,you can as well use it and then scissors.needles and braids.

for this wigs. i used five braids for. long braids in one-shot braids.



You can watch this video on how you can make.



First of all I had to split the braid nto as many pieces as I wanted just to quicken up the process.

and then there are so many methods in which we can braid this wig.



first method that you use is just this fast method where I insert the needle


and pull the thread through the cap like


this and then I take my bread and make a knot


and I split the brain into three and then just braid it is.



and so another method you can take a braid and just crochet it

take a braid pull the latch into into he cap hook the hair onto the clutch and then pull it through the cap and ake another braid and just braid the hair.


for this method is a crochet method you can't use it on the net because it can tear the Nets .


Advise you to use this method when you're braiding it on there less around the net



created a space in my head it was empty, I expel those years did not this metal was so simple and so quick.




 another method you can use you can make the braids fast and then later on


make sure you express them Soliday you don't want the weak to be so bulky and heavy



for the invisible part I took my concealer and much a straight line and then just read it along the line on both sides and make sure a bit a on a straight line.



make sure they the visible part is not too wide does you want it to be realistic and look so natural




I expel those years too the person I see and so I did the same on the opposite side.



it really was coming out so well and then I just went on and filled up the entire list area and so this is how the invisible part looks like this looks  so natural and then I went on and just filled up the entire dome cup and I suppressed it so well so that it doesn't become so bulky and heavy and


 this is my final products Wow guys.




I'm trimming the ends then I'm sucking it in hot water just to prevent the bread from unraveling .


and then apply a concealer for that on the last pass so that it you know you want it to be realistic and look so natural and apply a concealer for a that is same as your skin tone. so that it looks so natural.


let me just try it. if you really love the hair or if you can make this braid wig by you own.

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