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The Truth About Brazilian Hair Vs. Malaysian Hair
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The Truth About Brazilian Hair Vs. Malaysian Hair

oday I’m going to show you a truth about Brazilian hair vs. Malaysian hair.

In fact, these two so-called “exotic” hair are the most puzzling.

So if you want to get a little educated before choosing hair extensions, you will love this article.

Let’s dive right in…

What is Brazilian Hair?
Brazilian hair is the most popular hair type in today’s hair marketing.

But, this hair is also the #1 most counterfeited hair. Why?

Many vendors often claim their hair products as “Brazilian”, even describing their hair comes from Brazil.

Unfortunately, the truth is, they are lying to make a profit.

According to authoritative data, the global hair wigs and extension market is estimated to reach revenues of more than $10 billion by 2023.

This stat surprised me.

That said:

Hair extensions have the enormous commercial demand.

Another one research shows that Brazilians do not sell their hair, nor do they cut it for profit or religion. And they even are beauty-conscious than American women, purchasing just as much.

As you can imagine, 100% real Brazilian hair extensions could not possibly support the virtually insatiable demand for long length human hair for so many years.

Meanwhile, people all would love to buy Brazilian hair because it has been well-known for a long time. And they don’t want to be out of touch with new trends.

To be honest, they don’t even know what they’re getting.

To summarize:

True Brazilian hair is extremely rare.

“Brazilian Hair” is just a clever marketing tactic that makes the hair appear more exotic and desirable.

In fact, this hair is never actually from Brazil.

Now, you might be wondering:

Where Does Brazilian Hair Come From?
Seriously, in most cases, 97.99% of Brazilian hair that hair companies are selling does NOT come from Brazil not as its name suggests, but it’s from Asia or India, such as Myanmar, Bengal, Mongolia, China, etc.

So why do hair companies claim that their hair is from Brazil?

Because Brazilian women are gorgeous, they have beautiful hair, too. And women from around the world want beautiful hair.

At this point, many hair companies discovered business opportunities. Then, they market hair as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, etc.

Unfortunately, these hair are actually Asian or Indian hair.

Besides, there aren’t any agencies in place to police the advertising practices of the human hair industry.

That’s why many hair companies are NOT honesty for you.

Different Types of Brazilian Hair
You probably know there are a few kinds of Brazilian hair extensions – Body Wave, Straight Hair, Curly Hair.

Here’s a list of 8 different types of Brazilian hair extensions:

Straight Hair
Brazilian straight hair extension is a favorite hairstyle in today’s market.

The shiny and frizz-free appearance of the straight hair brings a sleek look. This hair type is an everyday look that fits anybody.

Kinky Straight
Brazilian kinky straight hair extension is a thick, voluminous style.

If you love a weave that blends in with natural afro hair, this hair type is a perfect choice.

Body Wave
Brazilian body wave hair extension has become quite popular these days.

Your hair might have slight “S” shape that appear bouncy and glamorous. The maintenance is low and manageable.

In short, this S-Pattern hair is great for every occasion.

Kinky Curly
Brazilian kinky curly hair extension is a curlier hair, and the curls are usually identical shape and size spirals

As you can see, this hair type has a more defined “S” shape than a wavy hair. You can rock with this hair. But, it needs moisture and extra care.

Deep Wave
Brazilian deep wave hair extension has a tighter curl pattern than the Brazilian body wave

The curlier and bouncier hair creates an inviting style for all users.

Loose Wave
Brazilian loose wave hair extension has larger and looser curls. You can easily see the difference between loose wave and body wave.

You can wear them anywhere from casual to classy.

Water Wave
Brazilian water wave hair extenison has a unique hair texture and pattern.

It gives a naturally flawless look that mimics your hair. And this hair type looks beautiful.

Natural Wave
Brazilian natural wave hair extension blends seamlessly with natural or relaxed hair. Very natural!

As you can see, the pattern is a little more of a natural wave than the strong S-pattern.

This hair type is perfect for anyone that wants a natural hairstyle.

Pro tip: The “Brazilian” exotic hair extensions refer to a particular style, texture, not from Brazil.

What is Malaysian Hair?
After the “Brazilian Hair” marketing tactic became successful, it was only natural to see the other exotic textures, such as Malaysian hair.

In actuality, Malaysian hair is also a marketing tactic. These hair is Not from Malaysia.

True Malaysian hair is very rare. 95.99% of hair companies have the misleading label.

And these so-called “Malaysian Hair” come from India or Asian.

Brazilian vs. Malaysian Hair: What’s the Difference?
Is it even really possible?

Technically no.

Honestly, for most hair companies, these exotic hair extensions that they are selling are no different.

Because both are the same. After hair manufacturers produced tons of hair extensions of the same style, they used different marketing labels to describe the same product.

But, there are also authentic exotic hair extensions on the market from their stated place of origin. It’s very rare!

With some similarities and techniques from hair manufacturers, ordinary people find it hard to distinguish between real and fake Brazilian or Malaysian hair.

Therefore, they can easily mix them and call that mixture as “Brazilian” or “Malaysian.”

Some Characteristics of True Brazilian And Malaysian Hair:
Both Brazilian and Malaysian hair extensions come in wavy, straight or curly patterns, but the curly and wavy hairstyles have been steamed.

Brazilian Hair– True Brazilian hair is durable and versatile. Brazilian virgin hair is beautiful, light, shiny, and it makes excellent looking hair extensions. The hair blends well with most natural hair textures.
Malaysian Hair– True Malaysian hair is very soft and silky. If you want volume and thickness, Malaysian hair is a good option because it has great bounce and heavy body.
Unfortunately, true Brazilian and Malaysian hair is very rare. And there’s no way to guarantee to pick out real exotic hair from the chaotic hair market.

Which Hair is Better Malaysian or Brazilian?
Brazilian and Malaysian hair extensions never come from these exotic places. These two exotic hair terms are marketing tactic, just like Mink Brazilian, hair grade system.

Someone claims that Brazilian hair is superior to Malaysian hair, this answer is untenable.

That is because the vast majority of the time, the two kinds of hair of one company are the same with different marketing labels.

Compared with other companies, one company version of Brazilian or Malaysian hair may not be the same. Because there is no uniform standard to manufacture hair extensions.

In actuality, even if hair companies claim that their hair extensions are actually from these “exotic” areas, there are no methods you can use to ensure that these so-called extensions are sourced exotically.

So, if you want high-quality hair extensions, you should more care quality variables of hair products.

For example:

Is hair company’s hair extension Remy with the cuticles facing the same direction?
Is the hair 100% human hair?
How much do the bundles weigh?
What is the weft construction? Double stitch?
Has the hair been chemically processed?
What percentage of this hair includes short hair?
If you get the below answer regarding their hair extensions:

One company offers 100% human hair extensions. All the bundles are a standard weight of 100 grams. The hair has the cuticles facing in the right direction and double stitch wefts to reduce shedding. And it has never been chemically processed. Besides, the hair includes less short hair.

If so, the quality of this hair brand is very excellent.

In short, You can’t ensure which hair is better ONLY by name.

Final Thoughts
Now you have known the truth about Brazilian and Malaysian exotic hair extension. It’s just marketing!

Unfortunately, not all hair companies are honesty.

So, understanding the different terms will allow you to speak like an expert.

If you are interested in a weave, you should more care about the quality of hair.

Now I’d like to hear from you…

What have you learned from today’s article that you didn’t know before?

Whether or not you care about the origin of so-called exotic hair extensions?

Or maybe you have a question.
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