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Noble Hair
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4 Colorful Hair Ideas You Need To See
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4 Colorful Hair Ideas You Need To See

What better way to brighten up your day-to-day life than by jumping on the colorful bandwagon? A colorful hairstyle has endless potential for making a bold, brilliant, and beautiful statement that takes your look to an otherworldly level. You can choose to do a few streaks or go for an all-over hairstyle that helps you stand out from the crowd. The look has become extremely popular and more mainstream now that many celebrities have become renowned for their colorful hairstyles, including Cardi B, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Kylie Jenner.

Pink Hair

The quarantine has everyone grasping for a drastic change, and many have landed on what's easy, inexpensive, and just the right amount of entertaining: pink hair. Lady Gaga has been doing it. In her latest MV, bubblegum pink straight hairstyle It almost attracted everyone's attention. Noble's 38 inch Super Long Straight allows you to easily get a similar look. Another cooler candy shades is also a hot product this summer, search Cida in noble to get it.


Everyone is going wild for rainbow hair colors and so Noble's HEADLINE put together some of the most creative and popular ones! While you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to have hair that is truly unique to you.

Of course, don't forget the Monochrome rainbow. If you are a fan of a certain color, or just want to keep a single hair color but it is eye-catching enough, we have prepared the Monochrome rainbow of the current popular colors for you, blue, green, purple...Come and taste the rainbow hair is as fun and feel-good as it is rebellious and bold.

Unicorn Hair Color

But we only live once, so why not live magically? Once you hop on board the unicorn hairstyle trend, there's no going back. With dazzling pinks and flowing rainbows in your hair. There are countless ways to rock your locks with this bold trend. Unicorn takes personality and imagination, and they'll make you unforgettable. This is why Noble Samira has always occupied the top spot. This style represents the very best of unicorn hair. Beginning with a soft candy green, the hair transitions to blue, purple, and pink. The soft wave style can well highlight the wearer's backline.


Colorful Highlights

For those afraid of commitment, hidden colorful highlights, which add just a touch of color, are a cool choice. Follow in the footsteps of Noble by picking a hue that complements your natural hair color, and add a few highlights. All the fun, without going too over the top. Noble Arika Ombre Browm Face Frame Color-These highlights create a unique and modern look on rich brown strands.


 Playing with colors, one thing's for sure: All eyes will be on you... and all your outfits will match, too. Get a taste of the colorful, ahead. So what do you think? Will you give this trend a try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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