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What Are Dreadlocks wigs? What About Dreadlock Wig?Who Wear Dreadlock Wigs?
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What Are Dreadlocks wigs? What About Dreadlock Wig?Who Wear Dreadlock Wigs?

What Are Dreadlocks? 

You may hear the term “dreads” or “locks”, both of them are referred to dreadlocks. Indeed, they are rope-like clumps of hair that is formed by braiding or matting the hair. One exceptional benefit is that it requires little hair care products and maintenance.  Thence, you save a lot of money and time. Braid, twist, crochet or backcomb the hair to reach the style you want. 

Dreadlock hairstyle started thousands of years ago, and it may continue. Do you know the reasons? Take a look at hip-hop stars like Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, etc. They are known for their music and hairstyles as well. We can say that dreadlocks are the coolest style to exist.  

Dreadlocks also stick to the religion and lifestyle of African and Rastafarian people. In some cultures, locks are considered the symbol of religious beliefs. In other cultures, it is simply fashionable. As a straight, curly or wavy hairstyle, the way you choose to style your hair in dreadlocks is your personal choice. 

What About Dreadlock Wig?

It is a type of wig that the hair is styled in dreadlocks. You like the dreadlock but afraid that your existing hair is too short to style. Fortunately, a dreadlock lace wig is what you need, it can make you reach the length and style you want. 

You can buy a wig that is made from natural hair or synthetic fibers. Long dreadlock wig or short dreadlock wig, it is all up to you. People have a misconception that dreadlock wig is dirty. In fact, it is not dirty at all. Keep the hair wig fresh and maintain it in a good condition are the good ways to have healthy locks. 

dreadlock wigs

Wear your wig in a dreadlock ponytail wig is perfect. You can wear it in both formal and informal events. Especially, this cute hairstyle is a good choice for girls during hot summer times. You should combine with a  headband instead of an elastic band to tie all your hair dreads in a ponytail. Not only keep the hair in place, but it also turns you into a beautiful and fashionable girl. If not, you can choose other hairstyles such as highlighted dreadlock, short bob, half ponytail and so on. That’s dreadlock wig for women. 

With dreadlock wig for men, the wearer will be definitely the most smashing man at the party. Style your wig in short dreadlock, braided or high top dreadlock, it will amazingly innovate yourself.

Who Wear Dreadlock Wigs?

lace front dreadlock wigs. This style is usually preferred by African-American people. It will enable you to show off your personality well. With human hair wig, you can dye the dreads in any color you want, blonde, brown, black, white or even red dreadlock wig.  Moreover, the hairstyle suits any hair length. Feel free to try it.

You have hair problems, a dreadlock wig is also your savior. It not only covers your thinning hair or baldness, but it also brings you an eye-catching and trendy hairstyle. 

This style suits perfectly for those who are sweating, out of hair or dissatisfied with their hairstyle. Wear this wig, you feel comfortable during the hot summer and workout days. Your hair always looks fresh. 

You can see many Hollywood stars worn dreadlock wigs in front cameras. Do you remember Miley Cirus’ hair in VMAs 2015? She wore dreadlock wig blonde in a ponytail and it was stunning. When appeared, she captured everyone’s attention. 


    How To Make A Dreadlock Wig

    What you need to create a DIY dreadlock wig: 

    – A rat-tail comb to do the section hair. 

    – Rubber bands.

    You should choose a human hair wig to create dreadlocks as it is more durable and natural than synthetic hair. Now, put your wig on a stand or mannequin head. Brush gently and detangle the hair. Start from the ends and then move to the above part. 

    Note: Make sure that your hair wig is clean and dry completely before creating locks.

    Step 1: Divide your hair into small sections

    Use a comb to section the hair into squares. Then use rubber bands to hold the bottom squares apart from each other. Try to section the dread in the same size. To make your wig look more natural, style the squares in a zig-zag shape or other forms.

    Step 2: Backcomb the wig

    Start in a section in the back of the wig first and start teasing the hair. After finishing, you can backcomb the hair. You should do about a half-inch of hair at a time to keep the dreads from forming loops. Continue backcombing until you reach the root of the hair wig.backcomb the hair to form dreads

    Step 3: Secure the dread

    The next step on how to dreadlock a wig is to secure the wig. Once you have finished backcombing the hair section, put rubber bands to hold the hair. One is on the root and one on the tip.

    Step 4: Waxing

    Use a type of natural dread wax and add to the dreadlock. Make sure that you cover the whole dread. Now, dread wax is popular in the market, you can shop from a beauty store, hair salon or online.

    Step 5: Palm roll it

    If you don’t use dread wax, roll each dread between your palms. Roll the hair up and down the length of the whole dread. Try to make the dreadlock tighter. Repeat the process on all sections of the hair wig.

    After all, you have a realistic dreadlock wig. Please take patience to go over the whole process of creating dreadlocks.

    FAQ About Dreadlock Wig

    1/ Q: Can I wash dreadlock lace wig?

    A: Still wash your hair normally. Because when you create dreads, you divide the hair into squares. So it is easy to clean your scalp and hair roots.

    make a dreadlock wig

    2/ Q: Is it difficult to care this wig?

    A: It is not as difficult as you think. Wash the hair wig with cold water, baking soda, or dreaded shampoos. Dry the hair completely. If the hair is damp, it can lead to itching, stinking and dandruff. Even it can shorten the wig’s life. Moreover, you should maintain hair roots over time. Invest a silk pillow or silk scarf when sleeping to avoid tangle or loosen the dreadlocks.

    3/ Q: Can I color dreadlock wig?

    A: If you want to dye the hair, use a colored wig to make it. Or if your wig is a real human hair wig, feel free to dye it. Then you can create dreadlocks.

      Where To Buy Wigs To Make Dreadlock?

      More and more people wear wigs to dress themselves up. But most of them are confused about choosing their wigs. Hence they tend to ask where to buy or wholesale dreadlock lace front wig. 

      If you still don’t know where to buy a wig to the locks, please check out Lewigs’s product line. All girls can get dreadlock wigs, so why don’t you? Whatever kinds of your face shapes and hairstyles you want, we are trying to bring you comfort. 

      black human hair wigs from noble hair

      Our hairs are harvested from the most healthy and youthful women in Vietnam and Cambodia.  We use breakthrough processes to create wigs so all cuticles are alive and kept running in the same direction. They look similar to your real hair.

      Additionally, we supply human hair wigs at cheap prices. They are lightweight and easy to attach. Come with us, you will find the best wig that is also longer-lasting and versatile. Feel free to color the wig because it is made with 100% human hair. You like a green, grey or purple dreadlock wig, let try dying your wig. It will give you the result as you would like. 

      If you have no time to style your hair system, don’t hesitate to contact and tell us what style you want. We have dreadlock wig for sale. 

      The Bottom Lines

      Have you ever tried to wear or make a dreadlock wig at home? Have you got any of your own experiences on how to make dreadlock wig to share? Hopes that the article could help you have a deep understanding of dreadlock wig and make you stand out in a crowd. 

      If you are looking for a hair vendor to supply the wig, please take some human hair wig from Lewigs.  Here we have high-end realistic hair systems that are sold at cheap prices only. Our hairs are available to shop.

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