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The Cheat's Guide To Smashing The Hair Game With A Synthetic Wig
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The Cheat's Guide To Smashing The Hair Game With A Synthetic Wig

'Goals’ has become an annoying term for anything seemingly out of reach for us normal beings. ‘Squad goals’ – Taylor Swift just got there first. ‘Career goals’ – the application process for baby panda caregiver is ridiculous. ‘Relationship goals’ – Ryan and Blake’s blissful alliance is just depressing. ‘Hair goals’ – now they actually can be achieved and turned into ‘hair reality’ with the aid of a synthetic wig.

Behold the cheat’s guide to faking it until you make it with 10 ways a wig can help you achieve your hair goals.

1. Achieve The Volume You've Always Wanted

Thin hair is extraordinarily common and a royal pain in the butt. Ageing, diet, years of colouring or ‘bad’ genes mean that the majority of us aren’t blessed with Cousin Cassie’s hypnotic hair skills.

Virtually every hair care brand offers ‘volumising’ shampoos, conditioners, sprays or powders attempting to address this beauty woe. Industry heads are well aware that a head of thick and full locks is the ultimate hair goal.

If these ‘magic’ products have failed to deliver on their promise and limp, lacklustre hair is a constant stress, a wig may be your knight in shining armour. Quality synthetic wigs are notably ultra dense with some wearers choosing to actually have them thinned out a touch. Lust-worthy volume is achievable in an instant with the application of a good quality wig.

2. Switch Between Styles Easily

If you’re prone to hair boredom and catch yourself yearning for colourful mermaid waves within weeks of perfecting poker straight, ice blonde locks, a mini collection of wigs may be the key.

Switch between an edgy pastel bob and a long, diva-esque style in neutral tones depending on your mood. No hassle, no drama, no problem.

3. Extra Long Hair Is Attainable

Hair trends come and go all too quickly if you ask us! The Mullet, the Pob, the Wob, ombre waves, balayage blending and stripy highlights have all been ‘the season’s biggest hair trend’ in recent years.

Long, or more accurately, extra long hair is the one style that never goes out of fashion. Tune in to any episode of an early or current season of 'Love Island', 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' or ‘Real Housewives’ and you’ll be hard pressed to spot a hairdo above shoulder length.

If your hair simply refuses to grow beyond a certain length (raaah) or just takes an age to grow, a wig is the perfect solution to add inches in a flash.

4. Experiment With Trending Colours Without Committing

Fallen head over heels for the trending colour of the season? Seriously, have you seen Jeffree Star’s hairstyle in that spectacular shade of yellow? In reality, it may not be practical to commit to a vivid hair colour due to lifestyle, vocation and the high maintenance required.

Experimenting with colour is probably the main reason behind the popularity of wigs. A temporary colour change, be it dramatic or subtle, couldn’t be more simple thanks to the invention of the wig.

5. Natural Hair Gets A Well Deserved Break

If your hair is suffering from over processing and in need of a break from colourants and heated tools, bring on your wig from the sub bench to allow your natural hair time to recover. Wash hair and apply hair treatments before leaving it to dry naturally. Plait and hide it behind a beautiful wig.

The added benefit of wearing a wig while preserving your natural locks is that, unlike taped, sewn or bonded hair extensions, wigs pose no risk of further damaging or weakening your hair.

6. Curls That Actually Last

You’ve invested in the most raved about curling wand boasting some new baffling technology and STILL your expertly coiffured curls drop before you’ve climbed out of the cab. Annoyingly, both thin and thick hair can have issues with holding a curl.

Pre-styled synthetic wigs are designed to ‘hold’ the style indefinitely, ensuring that bouncy curls or beach waves stay put for good. The fibre used in heat resistant synthetic wigs reacts quickly to heated hair tools, and any manipulated style holds significantly longer compared with human hair.

7. Steal The Show At That Special Event

Special occasions have a tendency to be specially stressful. That ex’s wedding, that frenemy’s birthday bash, a red carpet shindig or the dreaded prom = events at which thy hair hath to beest most wondrous.

A brand new, perfectly styled, glossy wig is guaranteed to curb any woes resulting from not-so-hot looking natural hair when you just don’t have the time or inclination to activate your super woman hairstyling powers.

8. Curb Haircut Regret

Been talked into a chin-skimming bob or celebrity inspired pixie cut? Instant regret is unlikely as we’re sure you thought it through before taking the chop (ahem). More common is the regret that sets in when the novelty wears off, you begin to miss your longer locks and find yourself lusting after unattainable styles.

Rectify any hair catastrophe or satisfy your cravings with a gorgeous wig in the style of your choice.

9. Replicate Hairstyles More Easily

We’ve all been there. A trending hairstyle on Instagram or Pinterest has caught your eye but your natural hair just won’t cooperate and you’re struggling to replicate the supposedly ‘simple steps’. It’s more than likely that some added length or thickness will make the style considerably easier to achieve.

Added bonus = the ability to style the wig in advance before applying. No need for angled mirrors or fighting with that annoying section at the rear. Place your wig on a stand or hanger, get that tutorial up on your iPad and you’re on your way to a Pinterest worthy hairstyle.

10. Time Saver Styling

Your time is precious, and dedicating a portion of it each day to sustaining an immaculate head of perfectly styled hair is unfeasible for most of us. Hit the snooze button and opt instead for a pre-styled wig.

Maintaining a good quality synthetic wig is refreshingly effortless. Simply brush it through after each outing and store away in its box. If only we could apply this quick fix to our faces! The tech company / makeup brand collaboration that comes up with this has an actual money tree right there.

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