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how long do synthetic hair wigs last
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how long do synthetic hair wigs last

Synthetic wigs are a great budget-friendly option that can really save time in styling, but how long do synthetic wigs last? Their lifespan is about 4 to 6 months, shorter than a human hair wig, but they also offer some benefits that may be worth considering.

1)    No-fuss styling: One of the great things about synthetic wigs is that they keep their style. Even if you wash it, the style holds.

2)    Variety in Color: Any color you want, any time. Synthetic hair gives you total color freedom.

3)    Wallet-friendly: Synthetic hair is much more affordable than human hair. Even though it doesn’t last as long, you can invest in multiple to switch up your look.

It’s important to remember that synthetic wigs are best left unprocessed after purchasing. The structure and materials used to make synthetic wigs do not take well to heated styling tools or color.

Since synthetic hair is manufactured from man-made, synthetic materials, dyeing with traditional hair color will not work. Some people suggest dyeing synthetic wigs with other methods like fabric dyes, but these will likely damage the hair and make them unwearable.

How long to synthetic wigs last if they’re labeled ‘heat-resistant?’ Like other synthetic wigs, their lifespan is shorter than a human hair wig, but they are made to withstand heat better than a traditional synthetic wig. Heat-resistant fibers are made with different materials than other types of synthetic wigs. Typically, you can use styling tools that go up to 350 degrees, but want to limit the hair’s exposure time.

Be aware of synthetic wigs that say ‘heat-friendly’–these wigs will melt or get damaged when exposed to heat. Check that a synthetic wig is clearly labeled ‘heat-resistant’ if you plan to use styling tools on the unit.


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