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Noble Hair
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5 Best Style And Affordable Wigs in 2020
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5 Best Style And Affordable Wigs in 2020

5. 13 X 6 lace Front Human hair Wigs

I bought a 13*6 26 inches 150% density brazilian virgin human hair lace Frontal Wig,i  dont even know why, but i wore brazilian straight here, and this  is like the type of hair , t looks nice  .yes i will give the hair came out nice

 the hair is very very truly to length like .the hair is really long. So that it is okay. It is longer the twist. It marks  26 inches. But it appears longer than 26 inches .whatever you want to say its more than 28 inches.

So those are all good things about it. The hair quality is really nice i love the color. That the color is what i am running 。I want the brown food to fill me in.

And it is full for like 150% density ,

So the hair is nice ,the only issue it was face that the lace front wig didnt fit me ,the lace font part didnt fit me . it needed to be longer. That was only my issue.

So if you have big heads or weird shaped heads than dont get .

I love how it came out. I love how it applied . i did the baby hair.brown blonde human hair lace front


4. Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

This is a 22 inches natural color straight 150% density .i am not going to do baby hair this week.because i cut them too short for wine. But it is look still good. This is what i got. I might have put on an outfit and put lashes on.i like my hair stuff.i came a long way . i love how this straight this like. .it is not too thick .and it its not too much hair. So it is just so simple. I lm good  with this outfit. It is just like you planned .i suppose from the way that i would be trying on from them today.

lace front human hair wigs straight

This is a 26 inches fake scout body wave wig. It wig is 150% density .the wig came pre plus with the baby hair.. this is what the wig looks like. Look m looks really really pretty . you guys almost does not even look that long. But it is so freaking long .and the hair is really really soft so this is what the front that looks like. The wig does have combs on the inside .

It comes pre plucked with baby hair..thats pretty much what the wig is . i really love .we does she look it im gonna go ahead and cut this lace off. I guess this is the finally look.i m so obsessed with this came out looking so bomb,it was really easy to curl then you look so good . actually did really good with curling. Because the texture is so small and silky and because the wig also was not too full. It made it really easy .

3.Body Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

lace front human hair wigs body wave

2.Water wave lace front human hair wigs

This is the noblehair deep wave 13 by 6 transparent lace frontal . the way comes with a comb in the back and some adjustable straps in the back as well . so this is the final look for the hair .besides our defense of some halfway. I came out with really really cute .i dont know if i mentioned it before. But i did into dyeing this hair jet-black, so thats why it is so black . and i am like really grim live. In the dear like . it is super supe hair is semi dry. So i do not think it will get any bigger than.this is a deep way of the texture. Usually deep wave hair does not get like really as big as other like curly textures. But i can not came up pretty cute with baby hairs. I do like extra baby hairs.whe it comes to my curly hair. I think it is really really cute. And i did not do much on the sideburn  area. This is a brazilian water wave 26 inches actually holding the hair .it feels really nice and soft the hair is super soft .the smell honestly is not bad.i ddont smell any type of like weird chemcals and anything like that .you know water wave .is is gonna look a little bit crazy but once you manage it . add waters from as your product. You can get that really ncie water wave look and  it is gonna looks so pretty. Inside of the wig it has a clip on the back up clip .in the middle and and on the side also have . so when you do a pious on your hair . this wig is not going anywhere.i can guarantee that you bastards all these clips honey,


water wave lace front human hair wig

1.Kinky curly lace front human hair wigs

This is  the lace just a nice clear lace , i did customize it to make it a middle part . but whats cool about the hair is that it also comes with your own baby hair. So it already comes customize . you can honestly setp of customisation when it comes to puffiness stuff like that. It already comes pre plump .it also comes with baby hairs that is great  i love that .i love how it is so much easier to mange . and so much easier to do. Because a log of other company they do not really care about that. This one comes with its own hair line. It is super natural i m actually going to try this on and see how it looks one me. You can see it is so much hair. I love it so fr. It looks so amazing . one thing i love about this hair is versatility perfect for the summer and it is even perfect for the winter . it just an amazing hair style . overall this texture of this hair is amazing, i just love the bounce and just look of definitely is 26 inches, i am just really surprised at how easy it was to install. And literally it took me no longer than like ten does concrete plugs and it has nice baby hairs as well as a nice natural hair line. So it really was so easy to before you purchase this hair . i would like yo let you know that. It just shed a little . but overall it is really amazing care. It is really nice and voluminous

lace front human hair culry.

You can buy these wigs on herer : human hair lace front wigs

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