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Popular Makeup And Hairstyle for Winter

Popular Makeup And Hairstyle for Winter

     Refreshing your makeup stash is a rite of passage for the transition between every season.

     Fortunately, fall 2019 beauty trends leave a lot of room for inspiration—the return of some autumnal classics are reimagined with modern twists for looks that are anything but boring. A season-specific guiding hand is always useful, so delve into these eight popular trends that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Laura Harrier's Smoky Liner With Romantic Curls

    Sometimes, when you've slept on your curls for a day or two they look even better. The design concept of Arika wig comes from this.Harrier's loose ringlets adorned with a hair clip is the perfect touch to jazz up this simple look.
    Smoking out your lash line is the quickest way to create an illusion of bigger and wider eyes. If you feel like you don't have the lid space to work with thin liquid liners , smoky lines are a great alternative. Try mixing black and gunmetal shadows in your palettes to add more dimension.

Use Smoky Liner With Romantic Curls to create your own lazy style.

Emma Stone's Orange With Golden wig

      Although Emma Stone's dabbled on the dark side this year debuting deep brunette hair, her signature red shade styled in classic, '50s S-wave curls is the classic Emma we know and love.

      And the shade of orange is less "pumpkin spice" and more "firefighter hat," and yet a monochromatic look with the hue is no less autumnal and just as wearable. Just remember to apply in moderation. Hot tip: blend a blood orange shadow in your crease and take a lipstick of the same shade across your cheeks and lips in desired intensities. Et voilà! You’re red—or should I say blood orange—carpet ready.

      Click the link to get similar hair to Emma Stone

Cardib’S Brown Lips With Bouncy Curls

     The deep hue is making a strong revival this fall, surprisingly versatile considering just how many variations there are. Bouncy curls and brown lips are the epitome of sexy and are perfect for those days you want a bit of added 'oomph!' to your look. Thankfully they aren't too difficult to create, and there are many ways to go about getting them.

     About the part of the eye shadow, You could go for a brown with wine tones like Priyanka Chopra, or full “Friends”-era Jennifer Aniston with milk chocolate. As with red lipstick, there’s a perfect shade for everybody.

     For hair parts, you can click on the link below to buy well-done's Bouncy wig.

Duckie Thot’s Single Shadows With Sharp Bob

Supermodel Thot's sharp bob shows the timeless beauty of a blunt cut. This is a "tasteful without trying too hard" style.

One-and-done eyeshadows are the lazy-girl hack to eye makeup. And this winter, you should sprinkle some bright pastels and jewel tones into your single shadow stash. The final look will look like you put some serious thought into it, even though all you really did was pop your finger into a cream shadow and swipe it across your lids. Easy peasy, bright and breezy.




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