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Lace Wig FAQ’s – The Information Guide To Lace Wigs
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Lace Wig FAQ’s – The Information Guide To Lace Wigs

1. How Can I Tell The Difference Between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair?

Human Hair is a type of hair that is attached to the cuticle. Whereas, Synthetic Hair has been processed with synthetic hair fibers which resemble the texture and style of human hair. The main difference is human hair quality superior to synthetic hair quality. In fact, Human hair will last much longer and is more resistant to high heated styling products such as curling irons and flat iron. Human Hair is also more versatile when you are creating your desired hairstyle. Synthetic hair will be able to sustain heat to a certain degree, but may easily burn if the temperature is too high during styling.

2. What are the Available Hair Colors and Hair Lengths for Stock Wigs and Custom Wigs?

Stock Wigs: The available hair color for most stock wigs are colors #1,#1b,#2, and #4. The available hair length for stock wigs are 12″,16″,18″, and 20″.

Custom Wigs: The available hair color for most custom wigs is any color you choose located on the lace wig color chart. The available hair length for custom wigs are 8″ to 26″. You completely customize the color, length, and style of your lace wig.

Other Length & Color Search Options: You can also find the specific type of on our site by using the advanced search box located on the left hand side of our lace front wig hompage, or when browsing a particular wig category simply use the search box on the left. Limited colors, lengths, and textures are commonly available for lace wigs.

3. Can I Recolor or Restyle a Lace Wig?

Color Advice: Yes, you can only if lace wig is made with human hair. It’s very easy to recolor a lace wig. You may do so by using any hair color found at your local beauty supply store. If you decide to recolor the wig, it’s important to know that everytime you dye the wig, the quality of the hair will degrade because it has already been processed. You are processing the hair again and unlike your natural hair it doesn’t grow back. Also, it’s important not to get the hair dye on the lace portion of the wig. This will dye the lace causing it to become more noticeable. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused if you decide to recolor a lace wig.

Style Advice: Yes, you can restyle the wig if it’s made with human hair or synthetic hair. For straight hairstyles such as Yaki or Light Yaki, you may use hot irons or curling irons on the hair. For wavy or curly human hair wigs, we encourage you not to overstyle the current hairstyle because the hair has already been processed with our curling machine. This will cause the wig to loose it’s new look. For synthetic hairstyles, make sure to keep the hair iron or curling iron on low because it may burn the hair. If the hair begins to burn, immediately stop the new hairstyle you are trying to achieve as it may damage the synthetic hair fibers.

4. What About Lace Wigs with Baby Hair and Bangs?

Baby Hair Information: All of our stock lace wigs are made with baby hair. The baby hair is constructed along the front hairline perimeter which provides an all natural growing hairline appearance. Babyhairs can be styled to your needs when ordering a custom lace wig. All stock lace wigs baby hair are styled depending on the style of the stock wig. If the stock wig is straight, the baby hairs will be straight. If the stock wig is curly, the baby hairs will be curly…etc.

Bangs Information: Limited stock special wig hairstyles offer bangs already made into the wig. If you choose a stock wig with bangs, the bangs will be cut into the wig when you receive it. If you purchase a stock wig and wish to have bangs cut in that is OK, it’s simple process. If you choose a custom wig and bangs are NOT specified in the custom wig description, you may have the bangs cut in upon special request by filling out the extra details information box at the bottom of the product page.

6. How Do I Attach a Lace Wig?

Wig Application with Glue: Please see our video on Lace Front Wig Application With Glue.

Wig Application with Tape: Please see our video on Lace Front Wig Application With Tape.

7. How Do I Wash a Lace Wig?

How To Wash a Lace Wigs: Please see our video on How To Wash and Clean a Lace Wig.

8. How Do I Trim The Lace off?

How To Trim the Lace off a Lace Wig: Please see our video on How To Trim the Lace Off a Lace Wigs.

10. Looking for new type of hair extension?

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