How to Wash The Lace Front Human Hair Wigs In Easy Ways

  1. fill the sink with luke warm water. Please  remember not to  Use Cold to wash lace front human hair wigs
  2. Add your  shampoohow to wash lace front human hair wigs
  3. Comb your Wigs Out First ! then place it in the shampoo solution.
  4. Do Not Swish or Swoosh the hair , that will cause matting or tangling.
  5. Please gently scrub the inside od the Wig to wash lace front human hair wigs
  6. Adter you wash the inside of the cap, let the hair soak in the shampoo and water solution for 10-20 minutes.
  7. After you let eh wig soak .rinse the wig with a faucet hose or regular faucet on low pressure in a downward motion using luke warm water. Do not use cold water
  8. The remove the wig from the water and gently ring some of the water off in a downwatd to wash lace front human hair wigs
  9. Place wig on mannequin head ,and use T-pins to hold it in place.
  10. Now apply your conditioner in a downward to wash lace front human hair wigs
  11. Now do the deep conditioner in the Microwave.
  12. After you have put the conditioner on your wig, place 1/4 cup water at bottom of ziplock bag and then put your wig in the bag. Make sure all the hair is inside the to wash lace front human hair wigs
  13. Now zip the bag closed. Make sure it is securely closed or you will fry and destroy your to wash lace front human hair wigs
  14. Then put the ziplock bag in the microwave on bottom shelf for 1 minute.then remove and let sit closed bag for 10-20 minutes until to wash lace front human hair wigs
  15. Once cool,remove the wig and place back on mannequin head or if you dont have mannequin head, use earlier technique we showed you to rinse your wig with luke watm water ,STILL DO OT USE COLD WATER.!
  16. Your wig should now have a nice , smooth and soft feel.ring dry as shown earlier.and then let air dry and style as normal.

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