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2021 met gala retro hairstyle
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2021 met gala retro hairstyle

It's been a moment, but the Met Gala is back.
This year the theme of the new Costume Institute exhibit is In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. But as with every Met Gala theme, we never know quite what to expect when it comes to adherence to the dress code—which celebs will take it over the top or who didn’t go far enough? We couldn’t be more excited to find out on the second Monday in September. Since New York Fashion Week came to a close Sunday night, we shifted all of our attention to the biggest night for American fashion.

Read on for the best Met Gala 2021 celebrity hair looks you need to see...



This year’s red carpet was full of gorgeous hair and I particularly loved Alicia Keys. Once again she showed us that simple is beautiful, and you don’t need to be extra in order to stand out. She opted for a super sleek, straight ponytail, with the center parting giving her look a fresh, modern feel and complimented her boss b*tch outfit perfectly.

The key to nailing a style like this is patience and product. You need to work hard to really smooth the hair down and ensure there is no unwanted texture or bumps in the hair. I like to use a pomade-style product or a flexible hold gel. This will also give the hair that shine we saw on Alicia last night. Her gorgeous hairstyle was finished off with a scattering of rhinestones across her head towards the hair tie at the nape of her neck.


The most stand-out hair look from this year’s Met Gala came from the stunning Gigi Hadid. The supermodel showcased her brand new, fiery red, Jessica Rabbit-like locks for the first time and paired the hue with a high retro-inspired ponytail that was full of volume and extra long in length.

The hair going into the ponytail was kept incredibly sleek, perhaps with the help of a serum or gel to ensure there were no flyaways, allowing all eyes to be on the top of the ponytail, which had even more statement volume and looked to be teased to create a pompadour like an effect. The ponytail itself was complete with large cascading waves that looked to be created with a large curling barrel wand and then brushed out for separation and to provide more volume to the look. The look was completed with a dazzling crystal-embellished Barette from Prada to ooze even more glamour.

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