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Synthetic and natural hair both have their advantages and disadvantages. Find out how to choose the hair additions suited to your needs.

Synthetic hair : the best quality / price ratio

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the synthetic weave will bring you dreamy length at a low price. Very similar to natural hair, synthetic extensions will also blend perfectly into your mane while keeping their shape in all circumstances. Whether you want to keep hair smooth or voluminous waves, synthetic additions are made for you. Please note that synthetic hair are more fragile than Remy Hair extensions (natural weaves) and should be styled gently to avoid tangles. Even though our wigs are of high quality, we recommend that you do not expose your hair to heat (hair dryer, water vapor, etc.), as this may damage your lengths.

here is the synthetic lace front wigs

Natural human hair : durable and versatile lengths

Our Remy Hairs are 100% natural extensions of the highest quality possible. Composed of real hair, it will blend perfectly into your mane and can be colored, straightened and curled with ease: perfect if you like to vary your hairstyles! Easy to style, these will also require less maintenance time than their synthetic counterparts and will last longer (up to eight months). Note that synthetic additions can however be deformed by humidity and are more sensitive to brushing.

here is the human hair wigs

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